Foldable outboard motor carrier Premium

Foldable outboard motor carrier Premium

Stainless steel trolley for outboard motor transporting. Effortless handling by a single person. Enables storing, installing on boat transom, servicing, fastening on the trailer, or car. Trolley made from stainless steel is durable and strong yet lightweight and compact.



  • Lightweight stainless steel trolley structure
  • Foldable in ultra-compact volume
  • Delivered pre-assembled
  • Inflatable PU tires ø 260
  • Extra wheels on the handle for convenient loading into trailer or car
  • 3 handle locking positions
  • Load capacity 135kg
  • Holds the outboard at an angle when laying in the vehicle to help prevent oil or water ingress


Folded size:

  • height 260mm
  • width 525mm
  • length 645mm


Expanded size:

  • height 740mm
  • width 663mm
  • length 970mm