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Foldable Outboard Motor Carrier Heavy Duty Model, a stainless steel trolley that makes transporting your outboard motor effortless. This carrier enables you to move your motor by yourself, and it also makes storing, installing on your boat transom, servicing, and fastening on a trailer or car a breeze. Made from durable yet lightweight stainless steel, this carrier is strong enough to handle the weight of your motor and compact enough to store easily. With this carrier, you can say goodbye to the hassle of moving your outboard motor and enjoy more time on the water. 



  • Lightweight stainless steel trolley structure
  • Foldable in ultra-compact volume
  • Delivered pre-assembled
  • Inflatable PU tires ø 260
  • 3 handle locking positions
  • Load capacity 75kg
  • Folded size: H 260mm, W 525mm, L 645mm; Expanded size: H 740mm, W 525mm, L 970mm


Heavy Duty foldable motor trolley (up to 75 kg)

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